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    We are familiar with the problems with the Jaguar / Ford / Lincoln /Rover V8 Timing components, and we can supply you with the updated , and improved Timing Chain Components that are being made for Jaguar / Ford. Most of our suppliers are the same as the Manufacturers of your Vehicle.

      For your information the Jaguar / Rover companies merged several years ago, as did Ford / Lincoln merged many years ago. Since 1997 all 4 share the same V8 engine in many of their models. Which means, they all share the same mistake that was made when they designed the V8 engine that is shared by all of them. Their Timing Chain Components were not made with total quality and durability that was expected of them. Many of these engines developed MAJOR PROBLEMS with as little as 30,000 miles on them. It took till 2002 before their problem with design was remedied, and the much better improved timing chains, tensioners and guide rails were installed at their factories.

     We source our products from those companies that can supply us with the components that will improve the reliability of your car. These suppliers are located all over the world.  We have tracked them down , so we can give you the BEST part, at a lower price than your Dealer will.



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